What if Wells is right? What if I’m not a hero? What if I’m just some guy, who was struck by lightening?

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"You’re going to have people who are going to say ‘Oh, you know like, she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends’ and I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says it about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love-life, and no one raises a red flag there."

Taylor Swift on some peoples views on her songwriting. (x)
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X-Men: Days of Future Past Bloopers

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Timeless Black and White’s - ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2015

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This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Ohh my god.

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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it was always you - oliver/felicity - pg-13 (3x02 based ficlet)


A/N:  That episode was painful and I just started writing.  This is what came out.  

It was cathartic for me to write and I wanted to share in hopes that maybe it would help someone else too.  As always, I would love to hear what you think.  

Dedicated to the olicity fandom!  Because we all need a group hug!  Hang in there…it will get better.  The payoff will be worth it.  



it was always you - oliver/felicity - pg-13 (3x02 based ficlet)

It was after they’d won the battle; after they’d found Sara’s killer; after they’d found justice for losing their sister.

It was after all of that, when everyone had gone home to their loved ones and to their other families that he found her there.

Sitting at her computers, staring straight ahead, glasses askew on her nose, dark circles under her eyes.

He stood watching her for a few moments, her bright pink dress radiating warmth that he felt whenever she was near.  Her warmth.  Her life.  Her love.

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This. All of this. Is everything I needed and even more. Thanks for doing that and make me feel that happy after everything that happened in this episode. :)

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Spoiler! Arrow: Official Description For “The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak” | GreenArrowTV




I’m excited!

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